Sunday, October 26, 2014

Super Saturday!!!...nah, not really.

The RASP was tempting...possible thermals upto 7000ft all the way down past Taupo.
So time to drag GYL out of the hanger...with the help of one of the syndicate partners.
Arrived at Matamata to find heaps of other gliders being rigged and cleaned. Auckland Aviation Sports had arrived, as well as some other itinerate pilots.

Got a chance to sneak a look inside Glyn's new Ventus GVV. Nice piece of kit...we should now expect big things of this pressure.

The Duo, on the other hand, has a few instrument problems. No back seat flight computer or vario, and no flight log to upload to the OLC. Unfortunately for me I prefer to fly GYL from the backseat. We are currently holding things together with duck tape (so to speak) until the new LX S80, Power Flarm and screens arrive. We have been waiting a while.

However launch we did...3 knots off tow to 5000ft and away to Morrinsville and the Swamp. Sadly north of the swamp was blue, very blue, so blue it was almost violet. Oh well lets go south....
After a good climb on the Cambridge Hills we set off into deep space...nothing, nada, zippo etc etc.
Push on I said to my partner...something must happen...and it did, we ended up struggling away from over an airstrip. OK that didn't work...but I still want to go somewhere...

The remaining gliding gadget suggested perhaps, maybe, possibility the wind was building from the west. 2 knots at 235 degrees...yeah the ridge will work at that away we went.
And as sure as Dolly Parton only sleeps on her back...the ridge sorta worked.
Only problem was fighting ridge induced thermals in close to the rocks/trees made my passenger airsick.

Time to go home. However whilst we were aloft we could hear A Cable crowing about huge thermals south of Rotorua...strangely I though I could hear his engine running, and Maurice asking about airstrips east of Galatea, and the Drury boys stuck at Huntly.

So bugger the RASP next time I'll just stick to the tried and true method of forecasting at 6pm rather than 6am.

A slight tinge of violet.

The only clouds in the sky...and a nice halo around my fellow pilot.

A selfie...if Obama can do it, so can I.

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  1. Looks like bad weather over the next few days, leading to great weather for Taupo... can't wait!