Sunday, September 7, 2014


With the season approaching I need to get my weather forecasting skills back up and running.
I think its important to put your forecast on record and then review at the days end. Too often we hear "well I always thought it was going to be crap" at 5pm...what use is that!
So Sunday.
By 2pm things look quite good. Light winds from the South and 18 degrees forecast on the ground. We should see 4-5 knots climbs.

And from the squiggly lines we can see 5500ft bases and no high cloud.

However with recent rain and light winds plus no inversion in the red line I'm guessing over-development will be the focus of the afternoon.
Go early and go fast and watch you can get home.

Update - it was a good day however, no over development...which I'm guessing was due to the wind being slightly stronger than I predicted...or else I'm a crap forecaster.
Lots of locals went flying. The flight of the day goes to PW5 driver...excellent effort.
Me...well I thought I'd help out with an ATC camp.

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