Sunday, April 27, 2014

As you might have guessed...

I'm not updating this blog at present.
In fact I don't plan on getting going again until next summer.

Why next summer??
Because, in no particular order;

My JS1 gets back from Poland in Oct/Nov...assuming WW3 doesn't brake out in the Ukraine.
As of today, Russia has annexed the Crimea (no surprises here...), the Europeans and US turned off Russia's access to external capital -  a bit like the US turning off Japan's access to oil in 1940...that worked really well...not, pro-Russian thugs are baiting the government in Kiev and Russia is looking for an excuse to defend the local Russian speaking population - like Hitler did in Europe in the run up to WW2, and then the final straw is US depositing troops in Ukraine and Poland...history...we never learn do we...

I'm likely to head down to Omarama this summer...either with the Duo, or a JS1, or both. Not sure yet. Not planning on flying the Nationals as it tends to restrict your flying. Maybe the Club class Nationals in Drury if I can find a Club class glider.

I'm in NZ this summer...rather than freezing my butt off in Canada. Great place, great skiing, but bloody hell its cold.

See ya on the other side of winter...

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