Sunday, December 29, 2013

A view from afar...

A few observations from chilly Canada;
It's minus 15 outside...just a few degrees colder than home.
However it's not pouring down with rain...I see 55mm's on the farm in the last 24 hours.
In the same time frame we had 20mm's of snow down here in the valley and 100mm's up in the hills.

Good wave off the hills to the west of us fact there are hills in all directions.
Taking off and landing could be a challange...the Banff airstrip is under a foot of snow.
Even Calgary airport could be a challange...I had to drive back into Calgary today to swap was snowing and blowing...I'd guess 10-20 cms fell on the city overnight.

In the local town I came across an updated Spot Tracker...with a phone attached. In fact its really a Sat Phone with a spot tracker attached.
The monthly cost is high but it does show where the technology might be going.

I'm watching the Nationals from here...not a good start...raining...but what else would you expect for a gliding contest.

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