Sunday, November 23, 2014

LX S80/Flarm

Finally got the S80, Flarm and Flarm57 installed in the Duo - GYL.
What a great piece of kit. We must rip the old Cambridge GPS-Nav's current use is to fill in an empty hole in the panel.
The vario is as good as the V7 I had installed in GNM plus with heaps of extras.
It's very very readable in all light conditions...and given my slowly receding reading range (not hair line) it should out last my gliding career.
It had detected the wind speed and direction by 600ft on tow...I was a bit sceptical given we were on-tow however it was right on the mark. That was a surprise.

The S80 holds Turn-points and airspace, plus can be used to task. I could enter a task while flying at 100 knots bumping about in ridge lift.

Couldn't test the Flarm as no one else was flying. It's a power flarm so should detect ADS-B in powered aircraft as well...albeit powered traffic is usually of academic interest.
 It did re-enforce how lonely it was out there yesterday with only a PW6 to beat up.

Bog standard ridge day.

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